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What Do I Think

Posted by Gary Robusto on December 2, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)


What Do I Think

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Who cares, really, who cares what I think? That is a perfectly valid point except I have been asked more than a few times what I happened to think about extraterrestrials, certain UFO sightings, time travel, faster than light travel and ... . I have addressed a few of those questions along the blog trail but many I have avoided. The reason being was - who cares what I think? I only wanted to explain the hard stuff so that everyone has a chance to understand it - not try to impose my feelings. I just didn't consider my personal opinions relevant to anything at all. I was much too focused on explaining the Science so that it's not so mysterious. After all it isn't that confusing unless you happen to read something written by a Physicist then "Katie bar the door!" Some of those explanations can cause heart pain. I want my explanations to be understandable by absolutely everyone. Every bank teller, cashier, restaurant or grocery store worker should have the same access to understanding that scientists have. I haven't been so successful along the way but occasionally I strike gold. Everyone needs to understand. Why? Because when disclosure happens, we will be inundated with stuff that doesn't have a spot of relevance in our world today. We can't say, I don't understand that, so it's not relevant. Everything will be suddenly relevant and learning it will cause pain. It's going to be like being presented with changing the time on your combination clock/radio/CD/oven/VCR/TIVO/computer/phone/tablet/coffeemaker (with its accompanying 1,000 soft keys that change functions depending on which button you pushed last) and navigating through Windows menus to figure out how to change the setting on every possible adjustment point - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Extraterrestrial technology will cause anyone over 60 to develop a fatal inferiority complex, anyone over 40 to say "can I put this on my phone because I can't remember all of it" anyone over 20 to say "you should make this into a game" and any child to simply say "Duh, this is simple!" I think I hate children!


Here is a listing of several of the topics that I have covered to date and what I think about them:


Cosmos - Extraterrestrial civilizations are everywhere. There may even be a million civilizations in the Milky Way alone. We have not even begun to scratch the surface on this topic.


Speed of light - we cannot go faster than the speed of light directly. We can trick it by moving space around possibly by it looking like we are effectively going faster than light but we cannot accelerate through it! Well, I'm pretty sure about that.


Abduction - There is a direct plan by a few extraterrestrial civilizations to abduct, experiment on and abduct again possibly checking their work. That is ongoing for at least several thousand years. Some civilizations just want to observe, some want to influence a few select persons into increasing their brain power or psychic skills and I think that some want to tinker with life and create something that doesn't exist yet probably because they can.


Hovering craft - Are these Earth created or extraterrestrial craft? I don't believe that any of these are Earth created. If they are so secret, we wouldn't be flying them where they can be seen. We'd do it on the Moon or Mars. The hovering and rapidly accelerating craft that we occasionally see are operated by civilizations from this galaxy, other galaxies and different dimensions. There may be a group of persons who know how to do this BUT they have been taught by extraterrestrials.

Why doesn't the government tell us what is going on - maybe they really are - They are telling us. I said it in this blog. Our government is practicing a slow release of information. They have stopped trying to say that the UFO's are swamp gas or Venus. They are allowing the media to say everything for them by ridicule with ever increasing bits of truth. The release of information I called "capitulation by silence". In 20 or so years for absolute sure, this will all change. It could happen next month but the likelihood is that it will still take a few years. I hope that this will occur sooner rather than later and I would like to be alive to see it.


Civilization types - There are hundreds of civilizations that have visited, are visiting the Earth and the number grows weekly. They are all over the place living under water, under ground, within mountains, on the Moon and on Mars with a possible shout-out to the moons of Jupiter. This is a very crowded Solar System.


Anti-gravity - I still don't know how these ships are able to hover and they likely use incredible amounts of energy seemingly without breaking a sweat. They are doing this though. Sign me up when they put on sale the first tickets for a tour.


The Arrow Of Time - This is one subject that I cannot grasp. I can't see how it is possible to travel to a time before that particular time machine was invented. I just don't get it.


Dark Matter & Dark Energy - I actually think this is another dimension influencing our Universe and that is invisible to us.


Drake Equation - I think that there is 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or more stars in the universe and many of those stars support some type of life.


Einstein-Rosen Bridge, worm holes and other sciency stuff - Worm holes are doors to other places in our universe. I know that it will be hundreds of years until we can develop enough power to open one up if left alone. We'll figure this out eventually.


Is that a UFO? - Yes it is unidentified, so far and it's probably from another civilization and maybe even another time.

Quantum Weirdness - No one truly understands this and I'm no exception. If you happen to know, keep it to yourself, my mind is fragile enough.


Did That UFO Just Disappear? - Yes it did and the extraterrestrials have a grasp of that technology.


What Is Going On At The ISS? - There is an ongoing coverup of UFO sightings at the International Space Station. They are everywhere out there and some day we'll find out. Did I mention EVERYWHERE?


Exopolitics - Our politicians are just too dumb and inflexible to negotiate with an advanced civilization. I sure hope we have a plan for all of this because it's coming soon if it already hasn't happened on some level.


Alcubierre's Design - Warp Drive - Sure a warp drive is possible. All we need is more energy than civilization has produced to date. Then we'll be all set to go.


Moore's Law - Extraterrestrials have computing power billions of times greater and faster than we have. We need to do a little work on this yet. A Quad-Four microprocessor doesn't cut it yet.


AI - We are within 100 years of a super-major breakthrough in the field of Artificial intelligence. We will be on our way to setting that knowledge loose on all of the ills of this world, that is if it doesn't rule us first.


Crop Circles - this will be the next blog. You will just need to read it.


Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 25, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Artificial Intelligence - A necessary step in evolution of our species.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Do you realize how hard it is to send a human through 10,000 Trillion miles in space and have them come out happy and chipper on the other end. Pretty hard and for us impossible. How would we reach out to other civilizations, travel to them, investigate their intelligence levels, take a sample of their air, water and ground, then return home with plenty of information? Create a machine intelligence that could think on its own, send the machine on a hundred year journey (after we make our propulsion systems much better) and turn the machine loose to collect, observe, categorize, sample, and store anything it comes across along the way and return home with some stuff for us to look over. (I should add at this point that a journey much longer than that would not be realistic because personal advances in propulsion technologies could make it possible for us to arrive at the destination before the robot.) We would use robots and we aren't too far from trying that, maybe in fifty to a hundred more years. It's coming, we have some general ideas where we would like to go, we require more research and advances in Astronomy and making robots even smarter - something called artificial intelligence or A.I. The previous blog discussed increased processing power and faster computers. This is the number one stumbling block to serious advances in artificial intelligence. Get a computer fast enough and it may come close to simulating what and how we think. Solve quantum computing and we are off to the races. Solve power issues and we are off to the stars.

I'm not going to discuss the history of AI and machines. You can read that if you want on Wikipedia (basic but frequently error prone) or Google it. I am certain that if some civilization was to want to investigate us, they would certainly consider AI filled machines unless they had made some serious advances in propulsion before AI was created. It seems like the logical step in advancing the civilization. (It is at this point that I should add that I really, really hope that they weren't capable of recording reality TV and sending that back to their home planet. What would ET think of Mike Boogie or Honey Boo Boo. OMG, we're all doomed!)


What does AI really consist of, how is it developed and how far advanced can it really get? There is no reason to think that you couldn't make a machine that would behave exactly like a human. No reason to think that, remember I said ACT like a human not be one. You would need considerable computing power and some serious programming skills but it is possible. Trial and error is the best learning tool and given enough time, you could create something really good. It would need to have reasoning skills, a bank of knowledge, common sense (that might be the hardest to program because most humans struggle here), planning abilities, learning, communication with the programmer, movement skills, creativity, and the ability to be social. All of those are needed to have a robot that will interface with a human but to send a robot out into the cosmos to garner data, fewer skills are needed like logic, movement, knowledge and planning that could be changed based on what was seen at the destination. We may have had probes visit our planet in the past with observation in mind. It's not beyond impossible, time and skill could make this entirely possible to accomplish. I would not be surprised if a certain percentage of UFO sightings are as a result of robot operated craft. It's just not impossible to consider!


Moore's Law

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 18, 2013 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

BLOG # 28

TOPIC: Moore's Law

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Why should this apply to UFO's? One simple reason - the need for computers is overwhelming when talking about navigating space. One human can't just grab a joystick and make it happen, there are too many things like matching the correct speed with a large planet and inserting yourself directly into orbit around it or maybe calculating the angle required to insert yourself into that orbit without entering the atmosphere and burning up. The first computers used in the US space program were pretty rudimentary. You have WAY, WAY more computing power in your phone than was available to NASA at that time (unless there was something they weren't telling us) - at least the better phones today. Moore's Law directly relates to this.


What is Moore's Law and why does it apply? I'm not sure if you remember but back in the early 90's when the first desktop computers were marketed to the everyday person, once you bought your computer after a lot of soul searching you almost immediately found out that the next version was about to be released and it was twice as fast and held twice as much as the one you just paid $1500.00 for. Aggravating to say the least. It turns out that every two years, the computer doubled its chip performance and no matter what you did, you were about to be disappointed. This was a direct effect of the transistors used in manufacturing were faster than the previous version, smaller than before and you could put more on a board. This "speed" actually translated to 18 months cycle where computers were twice as fast as before. Your warranty wouldn't get enough time to expire when your computer was obsolete - thanks Intel!


Let's fast forward to early 2000 where it was getting more challenging to double the speed of your computer every two years although storage systems on the computer were expanding quickly. It seems that little memory sticks were holding twice as much as before almost every six months. This was really crazy. It was becoming apparent to the scientists involved in design that we were quickly approaching a point where we could no longer hold that design record. By 2013 (that would be now) we will be approaching a point where this doubling would take three years and it may be limited further again by heat and materials. It is now when the materials being experimented with include transistors made up of atoms or even just electrons without the atoms. We cannot keep going with things the same size, the pressure is on to increase speed while limiting heat - an almost impossible combination. You want more work - you get more heat!!! Many experiments now center around super cooling materials to squeeze more effectiveness from them. Can you imagine getting a tune up on your computer from Geek Squad that included a huge bottle of liquid Nitrogen. I sense hundreds of thousands of trips to the ER for frostbite or shattered appendages. This won't work!


NOTE: This increase in size and speed is an exponential increase. Example time: The moment that you (or your wife) gets pregnant, the baby-to-be consists of one merged cell (two if you are getting technical), a short time later the cell divides and becomes two, some time later each cell divides and becomes 4, then 8, then 16 then 32, then 64 then 128 ... then you throw up a lot and 9 months later you deliver a human to the world containing billions of reproducing cells. This is an exponential progression and it follows the same track that transistors being slammed into one lonely chip follows.


We can only put so many transistors into a chip before stuff happens like runaway heat, electrical shorts, manufacturing problems, product cleanliness issues and the ultimate limit to processing speed (how fast your computer wants to run when given a chore). Processing speed is already being played with by manufacturers, they are putting in multiple processors and having them run simultaneously and adding extra memory to use to accomplish this task. This is a trick and cannot last forever. No matter what you do to trick the speed of the computer there are some huge bottlenecks like the hard drive. Ever notice how warm your laptop computer happens to be running? These things have a finite life and especially a finite speed. We need to experiment with faster operations and smaller components like the quantum or maybe the DNA computer maybe after 2020. Why? Computing power is required to accomplish the skills required to advance in the future, something like 2 X 10^50 power or a 2 with fifty zeros after it. That should do it unless Microsoft Windows continues at the same inflated pace then nothing will run this operating system in 10 years - DNA or quantum!


We need super duper computers to expand into the cosmos, it's logical to think that if there are UFO's visiting here, they already have something like this. Our civilization will require this in 20 or so years just to get by, medicine will require super computers soon and our data driven environment will grind to a halt if we don't come up with something really fast and really soon. Let's get cracking kiddies! We need something in the works really soon.

Abductions Again

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Abductions Again

Blog 27A

by Tom Conwell




I am now conducting my fifth interview of a potential abductee by an alien race. I'll be honest with you all, I never thought that life could possibly end up so challenging for the abductees. This wasn't logical to me. I simply never could have predicted my reactions to the plight of the abductee.


I never imagined the level of disruption to people's lives,

I never imagined the level of terror induced,

I never imagined the level of destroyed trust in the most basic of human actions,

I never imagined the level of anger at the abductors and

I never imagined the level of raw fear in virtually every human experiencer.

This is as real as the sun rising and rain falling. Never mind aliens don't exist or it's impossible to travel near to or even faster than the speed of light and they couldn't get here or possibly that we happen to be the center of the universe and humans are the only intelligent civilization.


That stuff is just plain stupid.


There are in fact millions of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, this galaxy is one of a trillion other galaxies and we happen to be averaged size. We could not count high enough to equal the amount of separate civilizations in the Universe.

There are several things that seem to be standard. Humans are taken daily from their homes and cars, abductees are likely to have been taken more than once during their life, a significant message is frequently relayed to the abductee, families seem to be more often involved than less often, every person that I have interviewed to date seems to be psychic or possesses some level of psychic abilities and abductions may be occurring at five to seven year intervals even if you cannot remember most. These are generalities and there are likely more but I've mentioned the ones that I have come across. Once the abductee realizes that this is what has happened to them, the floodgates open wide. After a ton of questions intended to get the possible abductee to think back, stuff gets remembered that has been discarded or discounted for years. This becomes a waterfall of memories, from a trickle to a torrent. I also hear - "you don't know how good it feels to get this off my chest", "this has been a burden to me and my family" and my favorite one "I think I can sleep tonight because I'm not so scared anymore and I'm beginning to understand." This is what I see.


I am not a psychologist and I do not claim to be or play at being. If something is over the top, I will pull the plug immediately with immediate recommendations for psychiatric assistance. If you know me you'll know that I do not mess around with this. This is so real and it involves someone's life and family. Let me repeat, this is real - frighteningly and terrifyingly real. Abductions are a real product of the meddling in our civilization of another civilization - like it or not. Putting things into perspective seems to be the only course of action and often this has positive results. Please don't discount the terrifying effects that this has taken in the life of the abductee. Things can get better. Telling your story is step #1.

Warp Drive

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 4, 2013 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

BLOG #27


TOPIC: Alcubierre's Design - Warp Drive


Who is Alcubierre? He is a Mexican Theoretical Physicist. He wrote a paper in which he described " ... a theoretical means of traveling faster than light that does not violate the physical principle that nothing can locally travel faster than light. In this paper, he constructed a model that might transport a volume of flat space inside a "bubble" of curved space. This bubble is driven forward by a local expansion of space-time behind it, and an opposite contraction in front of it, so that theoretically a spaceship would be placed in motion by forces generated in the change made by space-time." from Wikipedia which is not always correct. Next I'll put that into English.



FTL (faster than light) speeds - I have discussed in several blogs that no ship can travel faster than the speed of light. What happens to this speed when the ship remains still and the space around it moves? No problem at all. The ship is not moving, compressing from front to back or converting to energy. It's like stepping away from the breakfast table and being at work hundreds of miles away within the same second.


How do we make one of these special drives that move space around? First a discussion: I love cake donuts not the kind filled with air. The reason is that it costs the same as one filled with air yet when I eat it, I am so much more satisfied. Eating two is even better! Picture a cake donut that was super huge that completely surrounded a spacecraft. If this donut was baked with some kind of exotic particles that when turned on or focused forward would make space act really weird, we have some action going. Space would move from the front of the craft to the back of the craft without the spacecraft needing to do anything, no blast of burning chemicals or jets of air to propel it forward. It would be like you running a marathon without breaking a sweat or ever expending a single ounce of effort. You could go the entire 26.5 miles faster than a ray of light. That's a marathon that I could run.


Moving space around has been proven by Einstein to be possible. In Blog # 15 and 17, I talked about worm holes and exotic matter and dark matter. Our scientists have been able to capture very tiny amounts of this stuff and it is really weird stuff. It acts like has been predicted and in the presence of actual matter (our visible universe) is incredibly explosive and filled with almost unlimited energy in large enough quantities. In order to move space around it might also be possible that we would need anti-matter or negative matter to cause space to warp. We may need a large heaping amount of this exotic stuff to make this faster than light FTL drive to become real. Wouldn't it become interesting to travel to Mars in a few hours? It's all possible with the right stuff. Let's say that you started moving very fast in space because you could take the space in front of you and move it to the back. Let's also look at what would be waiting for the spacecraft with each extra acceleration. The space would start piling up inside of the warp field in front of you waiting for you to move it to the back. It would be like moving a refrigerator across the kitchen floor with the front legs sitting on a throw rug. The rug would start to bunch up (just like space would) and might reach a point where you may not be able to move it or go faster - my theory. The other problem would become apparent as you moved through space. Let's discuss this in the next paragraph.


We have sent many satellites into space looking at cosmic radiation. Only a small amount comes from our sun, the rest comes from all of the stars that have blown up since the beginning of time, are pulsating, energy releases from black holes and some undiscovered sources. This radiation comes from every direction in the universe. Our planet filters out some of this stuff but we are still hit daily with plenty of cosmic radiation. By the way space isn't empty, it is filled with the radiation from all of the above sources. Filled with it! If you traveled a few hundred miles in space, you would come across some of these high energy radiation particles. What happens when you go 3 million-trillion miles? A large amount of these particles are likely trapped in the pile of space in front of you (like your cat would be if it were napping on the rug while you were moving the refrigerator.) Once you slowed down and stopped, it is possible that the radiation would be released in the direction that you were moving. (I can assure your cat would be moving away from the refrigerator!) You might annihilate the star system you are visiting with a huge amount of high energy particles like a particle beam. I wouldn't want to be part of the farming civilization on Planet X that morning!

Of course we haven't solved any possible problem yet, this is only theoretical. Maybe there is no limit to how fast anyone can travel or once going that fast can we remove these high energy killers caught up in our wake. Also we haven't figured out how to stop if we were ever to create a warping of space-time. There are also many questions about how much negative matter is necessary to pull this off. I have seen a description that would require as much anti-matter as would be equal to all of the matter in everything that we can see. Since we have only trapped a few particles, we have a few years of research ahead of us. It's going to be a while if this is the course of action. Maybe forever. Maybe there's another answer. Encourage your children to be Mathematicians and Physicists. Unless we are told the answer by some extraterrestrial civilization, we need to figure it out on our own. The time to start is now. If you're young - go to school and study Math & Physics. Let's do this!

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

... more on Exopolitics

Posted by Gary Robusto on October 24, 2013 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

... more on Exopolitics

Is it possible that extraterrestrials have been priming this world, informing a special few and educating key persons (possibly even hybrid alien-humans) to be ready once they make contact? It sure makes sense to me. If an extraterrestrial civilization makes themselves known to us, there would sure be a load of problems to deal with. Wouldn't it be necessary to be able to communicate (they're probably telepathic and not likely to vocalize), we would need to prove good intentions as would they, we would need to be ready to accept help not fight, we would need to possibly embrace a different religion or try to meld it with our own, maybe we would need to forsake all types of religion. There would need to be a considerable structure within all of the governments of the Earth to pass on intelligent information from the cosmos and disseminate that information to everyone on the Earth. Maybe they would pass information to us about our DNA, where we came from, if the DNA was altered, how to harness the energies of the Earth, how to communicate with all of the aliens, maybe they could teach us all of the real Laws of Physics, maybe we would find out how to travel to other stars (it's at this point that I hope that they ride roughshod on us because we are a race of war-mongering idiots who would rather shoot first than talk), maybe they will teach us about all of the civilizations of the Universe, maybe they will show us healing or even self-healing, maybe they will reveal all of the part humans in the society and get them to do all of their work and interfacing or maybe they will show us what's possible then leave us to get our act together.


I happen to believe that I will not be around when they decide to reveal themselves, we will not make major strides for probably one hundred years. But we will make those strides and aliens will make themselves known to us and show us the ways of the Universe at that point. In the whole scheme of things, that is not very far away. Besides our government needs to be able to back down from denigrating everyone who says flying saucer, ET, UFO or abduction. They made a huge effort to talk down everyone who said any of those words and it will take a while for them to back down from their collective stupidity. We (meaning everyone on Earth) need to learn how to communicate not fight, we need to appreciate not confront and that is still pretty far off. In my opinion we are being seeded with part Earthlings and part extraterrestrials who will be at the ready to take over when the time is right. I wish that I were wrong, I would love to see the results of another civilization's efforts to inform us of the ways of the Universe. I crave this but I am also realistic. We are not close to ready - idiots are too prevalent.



Tom Conwell, UFOlogist


Posted by Gary Robusto on October 7, 2013 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)



This is one minor portion of a huge subject with more next week ...


Do alien life forms exist on Earth? Are we hiding anything? Have we been or are we being visited by another civilization? What is our plan?

Scenario UFO Landing: Tomorrow morning at 9AM a flying saucer lands on the White House lawn, Kremlin promenade, Downing Street (might be a tight fit there), the helipad at the UN and announces that they want to talk to major leaders of the world in the afternoon about cooperation. What do we do then? Allow the extraterrestrials to address the full assemblage of the UN and totally embarrass ourselves because we are left flatfooted without any measured or intelligent plan? The extraterrestrials could say whatever they wanted and we would look so out of sorts that it might scare them into going back home. There have been talks within governments, at the UN and dare I say between military powers about what to do in case that scenario happens. I have NO first hand knowledge of any of that, by the way. It would be absolutely irresponsible if we haven't had those talks. There are many strange things happening in our skies and as many times as our government attempts to show that they don't care, they know that something is afoot. They are talking, it would be collosally stupid to find out that they weren't. I feel that is true to the smallest fibers of my being. Who have we determined to be the spokespersons for our planet? The Pols, I sure hope not. Why not assemble a group of scientists of all studies, persons expert in religions (reps from each of the major religions (by major I mean >5% share of the population), someone familiar with all of the religions to be the spokesperson, someone(s) expert in different economies of the world, to meet together with a list of their concerns and present a list to the extraterrestrials for consideration/help. We don't know what they want to do here so we need to be prepared for absolutely anything. Maybe they'll offer 200 year long life to everyone - imagine what problems that would cause? What about unlimited energy - another back-breaker of a deal. Maybe they will ask us what we need, pick one thing - then what? We have met and talked to other leaders about their ideas, I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall there.

My personal choice is unlimited energy. There is nothing that I would like to see go away more than oil consumption. Does that have any problems attached - you bet and these problems are huge. There would be probably 3 million (conservatively speaking) persons to be put out of work. What a major hit that would be. How do we recover - distribution solving. Free energy would need to be distributed through new and updated not archaic wiring distribution systems, new data transmission systems would also become important to update only because extraterrestrial influence would be apparent in computing systems, new power plants would need to be constructed, newly trained operators would need to be hired, engineers would need to be hired, adaptive electronics for everything powered today would need to be manufactured (who says the extraterrestrials would use 60 cycle transmission), new hiring and retraining would need to be projected for ten years to recover from the oil glut that would occur, all cars would need to be redesigned, new parts for cars and remanufacturing from outside companies, entirely new business would pop up overnight and the costs would be enormous. After 10 years the costs would all go away, the electrical infrastructure would be completely new, the remaining eyesores for our government would be an update of the transportation infrastructure. Money saved in energy use may be able to be diverted to repairing and updating the roads and bridges which would also be repaired. Cars would be more affordable because the energy required would be way cheaper. Everyone would want a new car - what kind of response would we have? There are major changes that would need to be addressed, everyone who wanted a job would have one and education would become a premium. There would be an explosion of Community College retraining centers along with an update of new technologies in our Universities. I would also hope that new technologies would also influence an update in growing styles in Agriculture and help feeding everyone. Energy would be cheap so bringing water to dry areas would be cost effective. Water will become an issue and turning saltwater to fresh water will be cost effective. Energy is the number one cost concern in desalinization plants. Changing energy is the best and most effective use of our efforts. It will be rough going but in ten years the world will be different and much, much better. Where are these guys anyhow?

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

What Is Going On At The ISS?

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 30, 2013 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (2)

What Is Going On At The ISS?

I hate YouTube, maybe that was a little harsh - I personally dislike YouTube. One reason, anyone can create anything about any subject but that's the reason that I like it also. It's eminently adaptive and adaptable. It allows nonsense but who is to say what nonsense really is? I'm not the spokesperson for this so I don't have a say in how YouTube should work or even has the right to exist. Right now, I'm focusing on what is on YouTube and why it may be relevant to everyone on Earth.

Now to the subject at hand. The ISS (International Space Station) has a continuous video feed so that anyone can watch the station that we have all paid for in one way or the other. That is a really great thing, we all have the opportunity to watch if there is a satellite that goes by and a frequent view of the Earth and the storm fronts and beautiful weather as viewed from Space. They have shown long term space walks and experiments in progress within the ship. It is magnificent to say the least. Unfortunately the space station hierarchy also can pull the plug on the live feed whenever they have a whim. It's their's (NASA and International Partners) to protect so we can't really complain but what happens when the feed dies seconds after something truly unusual is witnessed? I have seen this on YouTube - was it made up, fabricated or hacked? Not a Live Feed and it would be impossible to do so on a few second delay. Live Feed has been cut after large UFO's, giant mothership, huge cigar shaped UFO's, ball of lights, small objects flying around, what looks like satellites making 90 degree turns, ships approaching the station then circling around the station and that is just some of them. Each time the camera was either cut or re-aimed so that whatever is out there has been hidden or minimized from the view of the station.

I have made the statement before that the governments of the world are remaining silent and that is in effect a revelation. I believe that completely. I know that they know and they know that some of us know. It will need to remain like that until they decide their correct course of action, the course that will be in their best interests. The next blog will take us through the government response or how they are likely to respond: Exopolitics.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Astral Projection

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 24, 2013 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Written by Rev. Joe Giannini

Astral Projection is an awesome experience.  It takes time and openness of the self and altering your state of consciousness. You may have heard it referred to as an out-of-body-experience (OBE).  Basically, it is the separation of the “astral body” separates from the physical body and travels beyond it in the astral plane.  It would take a while to explain what the “astral” body is, but think of it as our “spiritual body or soul essence.”  Many yoga practitioners are able to achieve astral projection. I have discovered an occurrence of astral projection which describes communication with non-physical beings.  I believe that space travel in the very distant future would most likely prove the existence of non-physical beings.  But, through astral projection and in many other instances, through mediumship, communication with beings from outer worlds is possible.  While we mostly think of a medium communicating with the spirits of discarnate humans and sometimes pets and animals, reputable and authentic mediums are able to communicate with other beings.

Dr. Robert Monroe (the most skilled astral projectionist of our time) has spoken about one of his most amazing encounters in non-physical reality. Having travelled to the very end (and/or very beginning) of space and time, he met a highly advanced being that was about to rejoin with 'The Source' or 'the Whole from which all things originally came'. Dr. Monroe asked the being for more information about what it is to become complete. Thiswas the answer he received:


"We know this well. It can be said in your words.


There is no beginning, there is no end,

There is only change.

There is no teacher, there is no student,

There is only remembering.

There is no good, there is no evil,

There is only expression.

There is no union, there is no sharing,

There is only one.

There is no joy, there is no sadness,

There is only love.

There is no greater, there is no lesser,

There is only balance.

There is no stasis, there is no entropy,

There is only motion.

There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep,

There is only being.

There is no limit, there is no chance,

There is only a plan.


This is as we know it to be."